Art - Department Head A. Martin
Cooperative Education - Department Head S. DeVries
Drama - Department Head C. Thomas
English - Department Head J. Van Haren
Family Studies - Department Head N. Fitzgerald
Geography - Department Head S. Suffel
Guidance - Department Head D. Lusk
History - Department Head R. Doyle
Library - Department Head C. Halasz
Math - Department Head D. Emmons
Moderns - Department Head K. Lesperance
Music - Department Head T. Hiepleh
Physical Education - Department Head B. Geerts
Science - Department Head D. Sinclair
Special Education - Department Head N. Howe
SST - Department Head M. Mattingley
Technology - Department Head C. Suffel

Emails and Websites

Teacher and Staff Emails

Teacher Websites - Some teachers are using Google Classroom to provide content to their students. Students access their Google Classroom using their school computer account. Parents/guardians must complete the Computer Use Agreement - Google Suite for Education G Suite through the Parent Portal.  Note:  Permission to use Google Apps for Education must be given each school year.  

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