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Mr. Lusk 67374 A-G 
Ms. Grayson 67377 A-G, ASPIRE 
Mrs. Haldenby  67375 H-P
Mrs. Suffel  67376 Q-Z 
Ms. Mattingley 67377 Grade 9's

Grade 9 Information - Future East Elgin Class of 2024 
The staff at East Elgin S.S. are excited to welcome your child into a new class of Grade 9's this September. To help students and families transition from elementary to high school at East Elgin in these unique circumstances, we've created an online resource. This website has been designed specifically for our new class of Grade 9's, and includes a virtual tour of the school, a Q & A section, and videos of support staff to help your student familiarize themselves with helpful faces they will see frequently in September.
It is our hope that your family finds this online resource useful, and perhaps reduces some of the nerves that come with starting at a new school. We can't wait to meet your students - the future East Elgin Class of 2024!
East Elgin Class of 2024:
18+ Personal Email Form (not TVDSB)

If you are over 18 (by July 31, 2020) we need to have your personal email address for communication purposes. Please complete this form by clicking on this link:

Course Information and Course Description Books

Grade 9 Course Information Book 2020/2021

Grade 9-12 Course Description Book 2020/2021

myBlueprint Career Planner

myBlueprint Career Planner is an online tool available to all TVDSB students (Grades 7-12), teachers and parents to: investigate and research educational options for all pathways (apprenticeship, work, college and university), discover learning styles, explore career interest surveys, plan secondary school courses, set short-term and long-terms goals, build resumes and much more.
Career Planning and Education Guidance

We are committed to our students achieving success and ensuring they have the tools and resources available to meet your goals. 

Grade 12 (University, College, Graduation Requirements, Awards/Bursaries/Scholarships)

University Application Seminar Presentation 2019

College Information Slide Show 2019

Student Award/Scholarship Application

Student Award/Scholarship Application Process

Graduation Requirements - to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), students must earn 30 credits - 18 compulsory credits, and 12 optional credits.

Thames Valley and Other Sources of Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships - most people feel that scholarships are awarded for those students with the highest marks; however, your community involvement, extra-curriculars, sporting, art contributions, family background, and part time employment all come into play when looking for scholarships. Applying for scholarships is a large task and should be started early in your secondary career.

Summer School Information

Summer School is a great option for students who want to complete additional credits during the summer or for those who would like to upgrade a mark. Summer Programs are offered to secondary school students and adult students who are working towards completing their secondary school diploma.

Registration for online summer school opens on May 15th and you need to register through the TVDSB website. 

Your guidance counsellors can provide advice but cannot register your child for summer school courses.

e-Learning Information

e-Learning provides a rich, interactive environment for self-directed learners. You will participate in threaded discussions, guided tutorials, group work, online chats, instant messaging and video conferencing to access course curriculum.

Make an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor to register for e-Learning courses. Students must have access to a device with reliable internet access in order to enroll in e-Learning.

 Dual Credit Summer Information and Permission Form

The Dual Credit program is a Ministry-approved program that allows students, while they are still in secondary school, to take college or apprenticeship courses that count towards their OSSD and possibly towards a post-secondary certificate, diploma or apprenticeship certification. Participating in dual credit programs enables the students to have an experience that will help them make a successful transition to college or an apprenticeship program, increase their awareness of the various college and apprenticeship pathways available to them and gain greater insight into education and career planning decisions. The primary focus is on students who have the potential to succeed at the college level but are at risk of not graduating from high school.  Please complete permission form.

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