Final Examination Information

Important Information for Final Exams

Absences - medical documentation will be required to support an absence from an exam. 

Bus Cancellations:

  • Buses will operate at the normal times in the morning and afternoon, if there are no cancellations.
  • Check the following website for bus information:
  • Bus Cancellations – The entire exam schedule will be shifted to the next day.
        (ie. Wednesday exams are moved to Thursday, Thursday moved to Friday, etc.)
  • There will be no exams on bus cancellation days.

Examination Procedures (more to follow):

  • Seating instructions will be given by the subject teacher.
  • Only materials specified by subject teachers are allowed in examination rooms.
  • Electronic devices may not be used during examinations unless approved by the subject teacher.
  • Read and check exams carefully.  Hand in all parts of the exam.
  • Students must remain in their exam room for at least 1 hour.

Lockers - there will be no locker access during exam times.

Hallways - are out of bounds during exam time.

Cafeteria - no food service will be available.  The cafeteria will be supervised for quiet study.

Textbook Collection - return your textbooks and course materials prior to the exam.  Follow the directions issued by the subject teacher.


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