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Grade 9 Information

The staff at East Elgin S.S. are excited to welcome your child into a new class of Grade 9's this September. To help students and families transition from elementary to high school at East Elgin in these unique circumstances, we've created an online resource. This website has been designed specifically for our new class of Grade 9's, and includes a virtual tour of the school, a Q & A section, and videos of support staff to help your student familiarize themselves with helpful faces they will see frequently in September.

It is our hope that your family finds this online resource useful, and perhaps reduces some of the nerves that come with starting at a new school. We can't wait to meet your students - the future East Elgin Class of 2024!  
 Computer Login Information

Due to recent changes in processes, Active Directory network passwords will no longer be reset during the summer months. This procedural change will facilitate password recall for students who are engaged in summer courses.

Please ensure your passwords are kept confidential and maintained in a secure location to assist with recall.


Computer Log-In Issues?

If you are having issues logging in to your student portal, parent portal, Google account or Brightspace?



Student username:
First 4 letters of last name
First 4 letters of first name
Last 3 digits of student number (example:  lastfirs789) 

First time user - your default password is your 9 digit student number which can be found on your report card, student card, etc.  You can change the student number to a personal password after your first log in.  Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password. When you change your network password, it will also reset your student portal password & your google password as well as an online learning passwords.



- 8 or more characters
- one number
- one symbol


Student Portal Login

Your student portal allows you to see your timetables, marks, attendance in addition to having access to numerous resources. 



GoTVDSB ~ Secondary Schools Google classroom & all its features are used widely for a variety of classroom functions and communications. 


To log in:  your user name (is the same as your network password), (see above)


New Students FAQ'S

How do we sign up for school cash online for fee payments?
Step by step instructions can be found here. 


What requirements do I need to meet to graduate high school? 
To view Ontario Secondary School Diploma Graduation Requirements, click here


Will I get LOST?
You might - we all did on our 1st day, but that's okay because East Elgin is such a friendly place! You can ask anyone for directions, come to the office for a map, ask your teacher for help.


Will I be able to ride the bus to East Elgin?  
Click here to check if you are eligible for a bus. 


I moved! Do I need to tell the school?
Yes, please provide the school with all updated information as soon as you have it. Once the school has updated your new address you will have to reapply for busing (if you take a bus). Click here to be added to the registration waiting list for school bus service.


Did you know that now that you've graduated Gr. 8 you can start working on your volunteer hours?  All Ontario students require a minimum of 40 hours of community service/ volunteer work to graduate. For information about volunteering click here. Volunteer hours form


Locks and Lockers - Lockers not in use during COVID
Lockers are assigned to students, but they remain the property of the school.  They may, under special circumstances, be opened and inspected by school administrators.  Combination locks must be used and the combination must be kept on file in the office so that we can help students who have forgotten their combinations.  Students are responsible for their lockers and are to report any damage or defacement to the office.  Lockers are to be cleaned out and locks removed upon leaving school each year.  Students MUST USE ONLY the locker assigned and lockers are not to be shared.

 Student Planner 2020-2021 
Click here to view EESS Student Planner for 2020-2021. Please note that some information may be incorrect or changed due to new COVID-19 rules.

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